The foundation of a responsible and sustainable organization is an understanding of the balance between business strategy and business ethics. Business ethics is about many things — integrity, leadership, commitment, communication, engagement, strategic direction, and inspiration.

ethicsLINC is uniquely qualified to help you achieve your goal of operating your business consistent with your corporate values. We bring to our consulting practice years of real business experience—we have done this type of work in private and public settings, in the U.S. and in many international locations. Because we understand business ethics, we know how to translate your vision into relevant achievable actions by your management team and your workforce. And because we understand the complicated issue of corporate responsibility, we can provide advice on creating the foundation for your organization to move in that direction, while making sure that your core legal compliance issues are properly addressed.

There are many indications that we have reached a tipping point regarding businesses’ understanding of the value of corporate responsibility and sustainability. These dynamic times require new ways of thinking about the future of business. See Resources section for some recent articles.

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